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We visited two of the cemeteries while we were in France in February: The American and German cemeteries. For the German cemetery go here. The American cemetery is quite impressive. One reason is the massive number of gravesites you can see there, like this picture shows:

Yes, those graves stretch to the horizon....

It's a lot larger than the German cemetery, and there's a large entrance with a heavy gate. We stayed there past closing and the caretaker was nice enough not to bother us. He left the gate cracked open on his way out, and we closed it when we left.

The American cemetery entrance.

This place has a sober mood about it, and the air is filled with respect. Incidentally it was raining while we were there.

There is another American soldier cemetery nearby at Omaha beach. We didn't get to visit that one since we were there after closing. It looks to be larger than even this one, though....