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Contact info:

In order to avoid mass quantitites of spam, the email addresses I have here are not links, so you'll have to decipher them and enter them manually into your email client in order to send me an email. Sorry for the inconvenience :)
However, it spares me plenty of inconvenience for my part.

work email:
If you have a professional request or government / DOE / ORNL business, you can contact me at my work email:
pooserrc At ornl dot gov

If you want to contact me for a personal reason, or the subject is not related to my work at ORNL, you can use any of the following addresses, none of which are checked during work hours. The main purpose of this page is to have something up on the net in case anyone searches for me on google, so this is probably what you're looking for:

rpooser At yahoo dot com
rpooser At gmail dot com